Healthy breast milk with amazing healing power

There is nothing better for infants than breast milk, and there is a scientific consensus on this. But what a young mom from the USA has experienced now, the researchers find no explanation for this. Breast milk reacts to sick baby It was on a night in February when Mallory

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Aspartame (E951) a Monsanto-Bayer product

Aspartame (E951) is simply renamed and re-marketed as the “natural” sweetener AminoSweet Aspartame has been one of the most controversial food additives for years. The official message is that the additive is safe for consumption. Regulators often make the greatest effort to ignore the negative results that have emerged from

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The difference between matrix knowledge and nature knowledge

The “matrix” means “template or thought prison” There are so many definitions of “knowledge”. But it is quite easy to distinguish these different kinds of “knowledge”. The “book knowledge”, the “school knowledge”, the “matrix knowledge” is understood by the “intellect” and is always only theory. The “knowledge of nature”, however,

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The satanic carcinogen glyphosate

I look at the hands of a farm worker on a soy plantation in Argentina who uses genetically modified seeds and glyposate. His nails are burned after nine years of work, he also has non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. I look into the face of a little boy whose parents

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Understand illness correctly and transform it into health

The answer is not difficult. Epictetus says: “It is man’s own fault if he is not happy”. But there are many people who are unhappy or who think they are unhappy. Few agree with Epictetus. Those who say yes are not fully aware that their own guilt is the ultimate

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Nature-knowledge about the unity of body, soul and spirit

The development of all levels of consciousness is based on intuition, which every human being possesses. Intuition can easily be suppressed by a narrow-minded or one-sided upbringing, or clouded by an inadequate diet. But the disposition to develop all levels of consciousness is also already present in every child. Children

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Understand your own health properly

Every person creates his or her world with his or her thoughts. The invisible creates the visible. And the visible is always the manifestation of the invisible. And the invisible are our thoughts. Why are there so many hospitals and health centers, so many drugs, so much medicine, a gigantic

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The tongue shows you how healthy you really are

Besides dentists, only naturopathic doctors are interested in the appearance of the tongue itself. Although, as doctors in East and West have known for millennia, hardly any other organ can express changes in health as clearly as the tongue! There is a simple reason for this: four large nerves run

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In Alzheimer’s disease, the nerve cells in the cerebral cortex die. An increased concentration of aluminum has been discovered in the brains of Alzheimer’s sufferers. Health risks from the light metal are manageable. Nevertheless, caution is advised in the kitchen. For a long time, most scientists classified the light metal

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