Activate self-healing of the body

When it comes to self-healing of the body, most people do not think of healing the body, but of healing from the outside. They think a doctor or a medicine can heal them when they are ill. In actuality, there is only one healing – and that is always and

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What is healthy sleep?

Without water and without food we can survive a few days … But without sleep … you will quickly get sick During sleep our body regenerates, newly learned things are consolidated and symptoms are balanced. In sleep we can relax and process stress. A healthy sleep is the basis for

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George Ohsawa (Nyoiti Sakurazawa)

Yukikazu (Nyoiti) Sakurazawa (George Ohsawa was later his pseudonym in Europe) was one of the greatest path masters and benefactors of our time. Unfortunately, only very few people really understand it, because his teaching – just like that of Jesus – is a concentrate, and almost no one takes the

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Do-In exercises for mental and physical development

Do-In has its origins in the ancient traditions of the Far East, but today it is learned and practiced by more and more people in both the Eastern and Western worlds. We owe the introduction of Do-In in the West in large part to the teachings of Niyoiti Sakurazawa (George

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The Ki in the word Reiki corresponds to the Chinese Qi and the Hindu Prana. What does Reiki mean Rei-Ki (pronounced Ree-Kii) is Japanese and means – the pure energy of the universe. which is often translated in Western publications as “universal or universal life energy”.Reiki is explained as an

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Understand and apply beliefs correctly

A belief is the linguistic expression of something that someone believes in what someone thinks to be true. Beliefs in NLP are an expression of inner models that each person continuously designs and must constantly design in order to orientate himself in the world. Other terms for this are: beliefs,

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Tai Chi – energy work for body and mind

Tai Chi (also spelled Tai Chi Chuan, Taiji or Taijiquan) was originally developed as a martial art that is performed in forms of “Kata”. What is tai chi There are different spellings such as B. Tàijíquán, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Taijiquan and Taiji Quan. In the German-speaking world, “Tai Chi or

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Qigong – the gentle meditative art of movement for good health

Qigong is one of the “gentle” arts and was developed as a technique for health, movement and meditation. The qigong exercises have been taught from generation to generation for hundreds of years. What is qigong QI , which can also be described as flowing life force, is present everywhere in

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Good Reasons for Cooking the Groceries – Part 1

According to mythology, Prometheus taught people how to use fire. Vulkanos is the god of fire. We know from history that the Roman vestals had to guard the sacred fire on the altar of the goddess Vesta, deity of the local hearth, and were not allowed to let it go

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