Vivoterra Affiliate Program

Become a partner and win money with your recommendations


High purchase rate

1-2 % of all people to whom you recommend our shop also buy our products.

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150 € per order

On average, each customer spends €150 per order with us.


High commission

You get 15% of every purchase that was recommended by you!

Products you can promote

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Book with REAL nature knowledge

A bestseller that you can successfully promote.

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The course: Guide to self-healing

Our comprehensive course is particularly popular with customers.

How it works

You run your own website, blog or have an active Telegram channel. You like the product range and the philosophy of Vivoterra. For every new customer who orders based on your recommendation, you will receive a commission of 15% %. This customer is attributed to you in our system for the entire lifetime.

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Example calculation

Let’s say you recommend our online course in your newsletter or Telegram group. The course variant “Bestseller” has a value of 279 €.
You send the affiliate link from your affiliate program to 10,000 people. Of these, 1% buy the course. Then you will receive a commission of 4.185,00 €. And that’s just by sending a link!

Start now with the Vivoterra affiliate program.

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