Why people fail in their dietary changes

There are several factors that hinder the smooth implementation of a diet and lifestyle that are promising health: No gratitude People who are ungrateful often make comments like these: “Why do I have to eat this brown rice? And why do I have to eat these bland root vegetables?” or,

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Why bad thoughts constrict you

Sick people mostly deal with their physical ills continuously. With that, however, they hold onto it, because the illness repeatedly receives spiritual and emotional affection and “nourishment”. That’s the worst mistake. When life revolves so fundamentally around the number one issue, illness, that state of mind syncs with just bad

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Normopathy – the pathological lackluster adaptation

With “normopathy” is meant an adjustment of a majority of people in a society to an undesirable development, to pathogenic psychosocial behavior, the disorder of which is no longer recognized and accepted because a majority thinks and acts in this way. And what the majority represents cannot be wrong Question:In

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Understand the principle of natural rhetoric

We are in the information age. The level of revelations has increased massively over the past decade. Most of it is properly documented, and thanks to the Internet, everyone can check everything for themselves and acquire knowledge on their own. Anyone looking for information via the free media has now

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The Miligram Experiment: Almost everyone is a torturer

A perfect example of MK-Ultra or Mind-Control or, in other words, externally controlled phonographs and robotic brains. The Milgram Experiment is a psychological experiment first carried out in New Haven in 1961 and developed by psychologist Stanley Milgram to test the willingness of average people to obey authoritarian instructions even

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Confucius and his teacher Lao-Tse

About two thousand six hundred years ago in ancient feudal China, in the small principality of Lu, a great philosopher was born. His name was Kung-tzu, better known by the Latinized form of his name: Confucius. Confucius spent years studying human relationships and the problems of society, and concluded that

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Food waste: 1 billion people are hungry

Estimates by the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO show that around a third of all food is lost or thrown away worldwide. In 2017, over 1 billion people were still starving. 1.3 billion tons of food are thrown away every year or are losses along the value chain. That is

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The health benefits of meditation

As humans, we possess a consciousness with free potential and the ability to change by adapting to our natural environment. Whether we are aware of this or not. In life we face many difficulties, challenges, and disappointments. At such times, meditation can help us regain direction and harmony in our

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