Thanks to my father and path master

My father Erwin Blank is also my path master and mentor, who taught me everything. Without him I could never have found and walked this path. With him I went through the school of “no”, through which every inner student (Uchi-Deshi) goes. The school of “no” means always thinking for

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Difference between formal logic versus natural logic

An atheist philosophy professor paused and asked one of his new students: “You are a Christian, or my son?” “Yes,” said the student. “So do you believe in God?” Asked the professor. “Absolutely.” “Is God Good?” “Of course he is.” “Is God Almighty? Can he do anything? “ “Yes” “Are

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Overcoming degeneration back to health

The most important contribution to a peaceful world is natural and balanced nutrition for all people. Sick people behave sick and make sick decisions. Healthy people behave healthy and make healthy decisions. Due to a lack of understanding of the relationship between dietary habits and physical, psychological, social and spiritual

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The importance of OSS in martial arts

OSS is a phonetic transmission made up of two characters. The first character osu literally means “push” or “press” and determines the pronunciation of the whole word. The second character shinobu has the meaning of “bear, endure, suffer”. The use of this “omnipotent” word OSS ranges from everyday greetings to

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Zazen – just sitting – Shikantaza

Zazen Unfortunately, nowadays, in most martial arts schools, far too little attention is paid to meditation and traditional rituals. Often only fragmentary remains of it can be seen, or they are even left out completely. I would therefore like to list the most important points here. Correct posture Since karateka

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What is the difference between knowledge and conscience?

Conscience In many countries, the suicide rate is highest among medical professionals. Compared to other professions, there is a 50% higher risk of committing suicide. Each year, between 100 and 200 medical professionals commit suicide in Germany alone, although the number of unreported cases is likely to be much higher,

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A severed finger is also food for the soul

The mind directs the body and the soul feels the feelings. Earlier generations were able to combine the physical symptoms with the emotional causes even better. Statements like: It hits my stomach, my nose is runny, I’m fed up, it breaks my heart, bile overflows … Liver and anger, heart

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The family is the oldest community of humankind

The family is the oldest and most natural community of humankind. It is the order of the universe itself. Family is the place where human life can realise its physical continuity, where it is loved and nourished and guided on the path to healthy physical, mental and spiritual development. Ever

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Spiritual awakening – what does it take?

More and more people are waking up. More and more people are communicating. More and more people stand with each other, to each other, instead of apart, against each other. The critical mass that was never supposed to form is on the verge of forming. The minority I am talking

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