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Acids and Bases: The Dynamic Equilibrium

An unhealthy diet and pollution make us weaker, and I too do not dispute that.

But what really leads to disease are thoughts and emotions in the lower frequencies – the nocebo attitude. The nocebo attitude renders our body environment acidic and attacks our weak points.

The human body is basic, but thoughts and emotions in low frequencies – the nocebo attitude – are acidic. We need alkaline foods in order to neutralize all processes that make our body environment acidic – such as exertion, digestion, learning, thinking.

Even when we discuss, are angry or feel fear, sadness, stress and grief – thoughts and emotions in low frequencies – the nocebo attitude – and acid-forming foods make our body environment sour, and therefore we get sick. Thoughts and emotions in high frequencies – the placebo attitude – and base-forming foods make our body milieu basic, not only help us to detoxify, but also help us to feel better emotionally, and they give us energy and vitality and therefore we get well.

An alkaline body environment is critically important.

“Cancer” or “malignant” cells – do not only exist in the “physical” body. Whereby these are just designations.

What are generally called “cells” and “organs” in the “physical” body, I call “areas”.

And “areas” are not only in the “physical” body, but also in the “soul” and the “spirit”.

Just as “evil” – also called disease (s) – exists in the “physical” body, so also “evil” energy exists in the spiritual and spiritual realms. We just have to use the appropriate terminology to understand broadly enough.

No “physical” illness arises in a healthy, basic “physical” environment.

And in the same way no illness arises in a healthy, basic “spiritual” milieu – what I call vibration areas.

I call the low vibrational areas “acidic” energy, and the high vibrational areas I call “basic” energy.

Just as we need 20% acid-forming “physical” food to be healthy, we also need 20% “acidic spiritual” food in order to be in the center of our soul. So that we can differentiate between angelic beings and demon beings, we have to know both forms of energy.

Just as we need all 5 energies in a balance of 20% per energy form in the 5-AI transformations, we also need this balance for the soul and the spirit.

We have to know the demon energy as well as the angel energy so that we can choose correctly in which energy form we want to live.

That is why I say: only stay 20% with our energy in the deep “acidic” vibration ranges and 80% with our energy in the high “basic” vibration ranges.

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