Our consciousness is the most powerful tool to transform disease into health and change the world!

VIVOTERRA – The best way to your healthy Life
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“We don’t change things by fighting against existing reality.
To change something we have to create a new model,
which makes the existing model superfluous.”

Be your creator!

Your mind (your awareness) guides your body. What you BELIEVE, the state of your awareness and your attitude, will also determine your reality. When you are feeling doubtful, you start to believe your doubts, and then your doubts become your reality.

André Blank is a health-expert and author. He is the founder, owner, and CEO of Vivoterra® AG. He is convinced, that all people with healthy heart-QI – true love – are allowed to live a life in trust, in peace, in freedom and in health – and that we have the potential to realize such a life for ourselves.

That is why he supports people in regaining their true health with the consulting concept he has developed – Balanced Health – which understands body, soul and spirit as one unit.

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